Preventing the Great Resignations

All 7.8 Billion people in the world are individually unique. With unique ideas, views and thoughts.

At Younnikly, we provide insights on how to connect to people positively. Removing the friction at work and at home. And help avoid costly conflicts and disputes altogether that contribute to the Great Resignations.

We are the #1 Human “Conflict Predictive AI” that companies are now waking up to rely upon.

We are Younnikly Unique.

Identify Unique Values

Everyone possess Unique Values and Beliefs Systems that add diversity to a work place.  See how these can be used to increase your organization productivity and growth.

Unlock Latent Talent!

People bring innate talent that are often latent or subdued due to the work environment.  See how your organization can unlock them effortlessly and gain better loyalty with increased employee retention.

Build Teams that Shine!

Imagine a team that everyone likes everyone! There is no politics and no back stabbing.   They just get along, like friends. Teams, reimagined.


Human “Conflict Predictive” Engine: Drawmetrics

Drawmetrics is a strictly non intrusive Neural Analytics tool that accurately captures the Current Professional & Personal State of Mind.

It helps us adapt talent for team culture and retention strategy that works.  Reducing and eliminating the possibility of conflict between people.

How Does this Benefit Me?

 Drawmetrics reduces the time taken significantly to fully understand a person, very well.

In most cases, from decades or years to mere minutes.

It prevents misunderstandings and sets the way between people and teams to work well together. Seamlessly.



What We Offer

We offer Insights into how someone prefers others to work with them.



And what might be potential pitfalls or blindspots to avoid conflict and dispute.

In addition, we recommend Developmental Areas that companies or employees to take to ensure their personal and professional growth!

Companies who have used our products get happier employees, satisfied teams and increased retention and productivity.


Go Beyond the Resume

The Resume and LinkedIn profiles captures the hard skills and past work experience. But Drawmetrics provides the much needed insights into the soft skills in a much shorter time than in person engagement or probationary employment.

Identify what are Critical for Happy Employees

There is a saying, it’s not always about the money.  This is so true most of the time. Drawmetrics provides the much needed insights about what employees hold dear to their heart.

Suitability for Remote Work

Not everyone is suitable for Remote or On-site work. Drawmetrics identify who is suitable to work Remotely and still be happy without undue supervision required. And still deliver results with trust and accountability.

Why We Are Different

We are Totally Unique


Our current product version is generating accurate results of up to 95%.

This is way beyond any alternatives out there in the world, if any.  We are totally unlike any popular psychometrics assessment tool currently available in the world for 2 main reasons:

1. They are ALL questionnaire based and/or graded on a scale.

We do not have any of these because it can be gamed towards a specific result. Our Drawings are infinite as your mind can imagine, hence it cannot be gamed.

2. They classify everyone into at best 16 – 27 profiles, which is not logical for the entire world. It’s like using the same 27 IDs to identify each person in the world.

We have more than 8.3 Billion unique profiles and still growing.


Neural Datasets

More than 8.3 Billion Neural Datasets have been populated by permutations of the core sampling inputs collected over 20 years.

Acquisition of New Neural Datasets

As every individual is unique, new Neural Datasets shows up every now and then.  The Drawmetrics Machine Learning Deep Tech churns out new datasets every 48 hours, creating an ongoing expansion of datasets to profile the entire world’s population.  Unique to every individual.

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