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HRTech that Accurately Screen Candidates for Values Fit; Before Resumes.

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Why Our HRTech is Remarkably Different


Drawmetrics removes the human bias and fatigue in screening thousands of resumes or keywords.


Decisions on Go/ No Go in less than 2 minutes of assessment. No questionnaire, no grading scale.


With accuracy of up to 95%, we are the most groundbreaking HRTech today.


Language and cultural bias are completely removed with 10 simple drawings. And anyone can draw.

We All Realize the Importance to Hire the Right Fit.

Resumes only include skills and experiences.

But people connect with others with their Heart.

Without the Heart, the Fit is Never 100% Right.

It’s our Hearts that makes us Unique.

About Me

I’m Andrew Chai. I Help Companies Build Their Dream Teams.

For 11 years, I consulted for Emirates Airline in 10 countries to help them grow their Human Capital by 10 times in 10 years.

Emirates Airline went from being David to Goliath during that period.

I help them build their Dream Teams, one day at a time.

“The Heart is the key missing piece in any resume. Nobody will tell you honestly at an interview what really makes them sad or angry. And why they leave. We figured this out with our HRTech.”

We go beyond the resume to unlock this. With Drawmetrics.

Clients We Consulted For

Drawmetrics: Revolutionizing HR Tech with AI-Powered Automation

In the ever-evolving field of HR tech, Drawmetrics, developed by Younnikly, has emerged as a cutting-edge HR tool designed to transform the way organizations assess and understand their workforce. By leveraging AI-powered automation and real-time insights, Drawmetrics revolutionizes various HR processes, including recruiting, assessment testing, and talent management, while emphasizing the crucial aspects of values, character, and attitude.

AI Recruiting Software: Streamlining Talent Acquisition

As businesses strive to attract and retain top talent, AI recruiting software has become an indispensable tool. Drawmetrics, as a part of Younnikly’s HR tech suite, enhances the recruitment process by efficiently screening candidates based on their values, character, and attitude. With its advanced algorithms, Drawmetrics identifies individuals who align with the desired company culture, ensuring a better fit and increasing the chances of long-term success. By leveraging AI, companies can save time and resources by automating candidate screening, enabling HR professionals to focus on higher-value tasks.

HR Assessment Test: Unveiling the True Potential

In-depth assessment testing is a vital component of talent evaluation. Drawmetrics offers a comprehensive HR assessment test that delves into the core values, belief systems, and behavioral traits of individuals. By capturing real-time data through drawn symbols, Drawmetrics provides a holistic understanding of a person’s professional and personal attributes. This invaluable information empowers HR professionals to make informed decisions regarding talent placement, team dynamics, and employee development strategies. By leveraging the power of AI and real-time insights, organizations can unlock the true potential of their workforce, aligning individual strengths with organizational goals.

HR Automation Software and Tools: Driving Efficiency and Accuracy

In the era of digital transformation, HR automation software and tools have become indispensable for streamlining HR processes. Younnikly’s Drawmetrics harnesses the power of automation, reducing manual efforts and ensuring accuracy in HR operations. From candidate screening to performance evaluations, Drawmetrics automates repetitive tasks, allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives such as employee engagement, retention, and culture-building. By embracing HR automation tools, companies can optimize their HR workflows, increase operational efficiency, and drive better outcomes across the organization.

HR Tech Companies Leading the Way in 2023

The HR tech landscape is brimming with innovative companies driving industry advancements. Younnikly stands out as a leading provider of HR tech solutions, with Drawmetrics at the forefront. By incorporating AI, automation, and data analytics, Younnikly is reshaping how organizations approach talent management and team building. With a strong focus on values, character, and attitude, Younnikly is helping companies unlock the full potential of their workforce in the year 2023 and beyond. As HR tech continues to evolve, forward-thinking companies like Younnikly are paving the way for a more efficient, data-driven, and employee-centric HR landscape.

Embracing the Future of HR with Drawmetrics

In the fast-paced world of HR, companies are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their processes and build high-performing teams. Drawmetrics, combines AI-powered automation, real-time insights, and a strong emphasis on values, character, and attitude to revolutionize HR tech. By leveraging Drawmetrics’ AI recruiting software, HR assessment tests, and automation tools, organizations can streamline talent acquisition, assess true potential, and drive efficiency in their HR operations. As we venture further into the future, Drawmetrics is poised to shape the new workplace, where data-driven decision-making and employee-centric approaches lead to thriving organizations and empowered workforces.


What Clients Are Saying

Chia Yi Shan

“We initially got to know about Andrew (and Drawmetrics) via LinkedIn last year.
To say the least, I was extremely skeptical about what Drawmetrics can do. I did not think it was possible to use drawings to determine values fit of an employee with the organisations I worked in. As a HR professional for more than 2 decades, this is unheard of. But I decided to give it try and assessed the very first hire for my own HR Business Partner team. To my surprise, the report (rudimentary because it was manual in its early days) was rather accurate and consistent with my own assessment. This validated my assessment and more importantly showed me there is something about Drawmetrics that is useful. When the Drawmetrics reports became more in-depth with increased features (the Premium and Enterprise versions), I could quickly use it as a validation tool to support my hiring decisions. On one occasion, one of the features in Fast Drawmetrics accurately identified one potential hire to be of some risks and our background checks subsequently concluded the same. My Senior Management and hiring managers asked me how did Drawmetrics come to the same “conclusion” without ever meeting the candidate or knowing their resumes? I simply said, I don’t know but it works. We continue to use Drawmetrics in all of our key hiring today and would recommend HR teams to try it and see for themselves. What I like about Drawmetrics is that it is easy for HR to administer, fast for candidates to complete, and most importantly, no need to mull over interpretation of wordy questions and open to manipulation of outcome.”

20+ years HR Professional in Global F&B Chain
Shawn D’Cotta

“I’ve been a first hand user of Drawmetrics, first understanding myself better – then using it to understand my team members better too.What I found amazing was that it could pick up values, belief system and motivation that I could not ‘identify’ in my initial conversations with my individual team members. Upon confirming with them on the report, all of them affirmed me that it was 90% accurate.What I would have only found out after months of working with someone became so ‘instant’ when I could know it right away.I saw it as a very important tool should I want to identify those who were high potential for certain roles and those whom I had to look at re-establishing a new role. I then had the realisation that I had a human bias when it came to interviewing – I made judgements within a couple of minutes or by looking at a resume (and thinking that this was the candidate with the ‘perfect’ fit). With Drawmetrics I could have pre-interview awareness of what their values & beliefs were, and if they were suitable for the roles I am hiring for. It also gave me the advantage when I could check with them certain experiences from their careers which were transferrable. Overall a great MUST-HAVE tool for any Hiring Manager!”

Ted Green

“When we first met Andrew in 2003 when he owned Sass Atlantic, we were wondering initially if he was able to help Emirates Airlines bring in Asian hospitality service to work in Dubai back then.

Andrew went on to prove he could assess a candidate in minutes what took us 2 days! And saving us a lot of time and money when we do recruitment every week, globally and Andrew ended up representing Emirates recruitment in more than 10 countries in Asia Pacific”

Hiroko Kawamoto

“ANA was at fierce competition with many airlines in Asia, including JAL and Singapore Airlines. When we learnt and saw how fast Emirates grew we knew we needed to engage their consultant, Andrew Chai.

He helped put our international crew team for Taiwan and Korea, making sure all 400 crew work seamlessly with our Japanese crew. All without politics and conflict using his proprietary HRTech assessment tool. Amazing!.”

Eugene Tan

“Shangri-la Hotel Group in Singapore was having tremendous difficulty finding locals during the 2003 SARS. Our staff retention was a challenge and succession planning at the line staff level was impossible. Then Andrew and his team came up with a brilliant proposal to provide both training and recruitment services to see that our staff strength was stable for 3 years in a row for 9 year! And it saved our operational and staff turnover due to their unique HRTech assessment tool.”

Rick Helliwell

“I was the signing manager for Andrew’s first and repeated renewal contract with Emirates for 11 years! I recall Randa telling me an incident where he assessed the candidates using your HRTech assessment tool and derive at the same conclusion we did weeks before us!”

“You were a great support all those years ago when I was at Emirates and overseeing global hiring including crew.”


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