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We started 20 years ago by helping our clients grow from David to become Goliath today.

During that journey we have personally interviewed, screened and assessed more than 80,000 candidates in 12 countries. What intrigued us was how each of them were totally unique and there is an art and science to put them together to make a team tick like a Swiss watch.

This is now the science and results of our hard work since 2002.

Welcome to Younnikly (Pronounced as “Uniquely”) 

Andrew Chai

Andrew Chai

Founder & CEO

Andrew has spent 40 years in the making of this technology.  It is a combination of street trained psychology, personality development due to multiple and repeated failures, obstacles, limiting mindsets, humor, and to a large extend spiritual and divine guidance. Success, however one defines it, is the journey through these failures. Andrew has varied and adventurous stories with battle scars to tell since 9 years old, when he started his very first home made business to make ends meet.

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Drawmetrics Reports for Professional and Personal Development

Drawmetrics Reports for Professional and Personal Development

Unprecedented Insights

Before us, there was no way anyone can understand another person easily within minutes.  Mostly it took years or even decades to know someone well enough. We took the pain out of this process so people can relate and connect without conflict in a much shorter time.

Eliminate Silo Culture

Help people see eye to eye with others in minutes rather than months. If they know how the other party think and feel, they will more likely be able to relate. We help people connect positively without guess work. 

What Makes Someone Complete?

We provide almost instant insights into what makes someone tick. What motivates and drives them. What makes them happy. Why they would wake up everyday to come to work and why that matters to them. And to you as their employer.

Create Best Performing Teams

Teams work best together when they know and understand each other well.  Not on a superficial level but on a deep personal level.  Our solutions put the best people together because their values, beliefs systems and motivations are aligned, building trust in a much shorter time, and at lower costs.


#1 Human “Google Insights” that help people work better together


Drawmetrics is a strictly non intrusive tool that accurately captures the inner signals of our latent potential and our innate preference of working with others.

It helps us find and adapt for the best fit within teams.  Reducing and eliminating the possibility of conflict between people.

Drawmetrics AI Neural Engine is so powerful, it can draw out from more than 8 Billion permutations of Neural Datasets and provide Insights that could take months or years to discover. And it can be done without even meeting them in person.

AI Neural Engine

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