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Book an appointment with us after watching our demo and/or trying our Free Corporate Trial via Whatsapp or email. It makes our discussions more productive, cutting the chase to develop an Enterprise or SME solution, on a stand-alone basis or complement whichever Talent Management or HR platform of your choice.  Due to the large number of requests, we could no longer offer Freemium Trial to consumers or individuals without a corporate sponsorship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Drawmetrics AI Neural Engine more accurate than current Psychometrics Personality Assessment Tools in the market?


Because Drawmetrics allows you to draw anything that comes to mind.  So the possibilities are infinite.  And since it taps on your subconscious mind to “imprint” the symbol as a visual stimuli, it captures your visionary snapshot of what your subconscious mind sees predominating.  Hence it is extremely accurate as it cannot be manipulated at all.  One simply cannot game the Drawmetrics to get a “desired” profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it costs and can I cancel it anytime?


There are 3 tier of pricing: Pay Per Use, Basic or Enterprise. Basic or Pay Per Use is for Small & Medium Enterprises who needs a decision tool on how to get the most of their employees and new recruits. Typical usage is less than 50 reports a month.  Enterprise is meant for daily or weekly use by Medium to Large Corporations for regional/global teams and new hires.

All pricing tiers can be cancelled at any time, without reasons.

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