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Our Corporate Freemium Trial is simple to use and requires very little time.  Likely to be no more than 5 – 10 minutes for the average person. Reach out to us via Whatsapp and try it.  As easy as 1, 2, 3.


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None of our users has ever had 2 reports that are identical or almost identical.  Every single one of our profile reports are UNIQUE!

Hence, Younnikly Unique.


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Unique Results

We possess 8 Billion profiles in our datasets. So no two profiles are exactly alike! Hence Younnikly Unique.

No Upfront Payment

Our pricing model puts the money where our mouth is. 

If you don’t see the value, you don’t pay a thing.

Results Cannot Be Manipulated

Because the symbols are visual and speaks through our ocular vision directly, it draws on the subconscious imprint in our mind.  As a result, the neural imprint cannot be manipulated by our mind.  So we get authentic and current results.

Remote Deployment Without Even Meeting!

The AI neural datasets are centralised on Cloud, allowing for remote access with internet data.  Literally anywhere, without any human intervention.  It’s seamless and unbiased.

20 Years of Real Experience

We have spent 20 years deploying this across 10 countries with 80,000 people, with a follow through on performance because most of whom we hired, we had to manage their work performance as well.

Best in Class Accuracy

No psychometrics can lay claim that they are more than 85% accurate in decision making as they cannot determine mindsets, attitude, belief system, values, and character without bias or manipulation.


“Andrew and his team helped us hire almost every week for the last 11 years. With an average of 500 people to screen through each day.”

Emirates Airlines, since 2003

“We could not find suitable candidates because they would jump ship for $50 - $100 more salary. Andrew helped to assess their financial stability using this tool and validating their mindset towards money.”

Shangri-La Hotel

“We were surprised how Andrew's team shortlisted the top 1% of 2,500 people within a day, using this amazing tool. He was spot on everytime on who they are and why we should not hire or hire, when we didn't think it was a good fit. He proved us wrong.”

All Nippon Airways, Taiwan and Korea Base.

“Managing a totally different culture was impossible for us. Andrew helped managed our biggest challenge with Hindi speaking staff based out of Delhi.”

China Airlines, New Delhi Base