Understand People as they are. Not their resumes.

People work with people. Not resumes.

Using resumes to assess who you should interview is like ordering a bride base on bio-data. It is unfair and highly inaccurate. Anyone with a Drawmetrics result can be fitted into any organization that is looking for that type of diversity, values and most of all, a way for people to connect to others without misunderstanding or conflict.

Younnikly believes in providing each company, department, business unit with the best interpersonal approach for their talent to work together.


Key Customer Benefits

Make Workplace the New Hangouts


Save Time & Money

Everyone’s time is precious.  Leaders, Bosses, Headhunters, Recruiters, Human Resources, Business Partners, Suppliers and even Candidates’ time is precious.  It saves everyone frustrations and disappointments.  Most of all, zero results.

Less Conflict. Much Less Politics.

People spend more than half of their lives working or doing business.  They do not need to have headaches that drain their energy from the most important things in their lives: Work & Family. Both need to work well to live an enriched life.

High Retention and Productivity

When people fit the personality, culture and ethics at work, they naturally do better professionally.  People thrive when they do not need to strive to fit in.  Good team fit in terms of culture and value system creates extremely high retention and productivity. They simply do not get Monday’s Blues anymore with our solutions.

Drawmetrics Human “Google Insights” Rocks!

How We Ensure People Fit Well Together?

Drawmetrics AI Neural Engine identifies the basic component for People to Fit Well together: Character, Personality, Values System, Mindsets, Beliefs, Professional, Personal Relationships, Ethics and Integrity, using a Sub-Conscious Visual Drawing Approach that simply cannot be manipulated.  Hence it is extremely accurate. It is like dreaming.  You cannot selectively turn on or off your dreams in your sleep. It is instinctive and happens by nature design.


Hiroko Kawamoto, EVP, Board Member All Nippon Airways

“ANA was at fierce competition with many airlines in Asia, including JAL and Singapore Airlines. When we learnt and saw how fast Emirates grew we knew we needed to engage their consultant, Andrew Chai. He helped put our international crew team for Taiwan and Korea, making sure all 400 crew work seamlessly with our Japanese crew.  All without politics and conflict using his proprietary assessment tool.  Amazing!”

Ted Green, VP, Biz Planning & Dev. Emirates

“When we first met Andrew in 2003 when he owned Sass Atlantic, we were wondering initially if he was able to help Emirates Airlines bring in Asian hospitality service to work in Dubai back then.  Andrew went on to prove he could assess a candidate in less than a minute what took us 2 days! Saving us a lot of time and money when we do recruitment every week, globally. Andrew ended up representing Emirates recruitment in more than 10 countries in Asia Pacific.”

Rick Helliwell, VP - Global Talent Acquisition, Emirates Group (2000 - 2011)

I was the signing manager for Andrew’s first and repeated renewal contract with Emirates for 11 years! I recall Randa telling me an incident where he assessed the candidates using your assessment tool and derive at the same conclusion we did weeks before us!

“You were a great support all those years ago when I was at Emirates and overseeing global hiring including crew.”

Eventually, we gave Andrew a perpetual contract which automatically renew since.”

Eugene Tan, Area Director Human Resources, Shangri-la Hotel Group

“Shangri-la Hotel Group in Singapore was having tremendous difficulty finding locals during the 2003 SARS.  Our staff retention was a challenge and succession planning at the line staff level was impossible.  Andrew and his team came up with a brilliant proposal to provide both training and recruitment services to see that our staff strength was stable for 3 years in a row for 9 year!  It saved our operational and staff turnover due to their unique assessment tool.”

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